"Would you still allow your mother to live with your father again?" one of my aunts asked me.
I was 14 years old then when our mother left us to live with other man. My father kept her for two times for the sake of us children. But later still our family broke up. What can you expect to a child of a broken family? It seemed nobody care, love and advise. So I indulged in different vices. Smoking is one.
I smoke for 13 years.

"You would be a great man if you can quit smoking," my cousin told me sarcastically when he learns that I am quitting smoking. In his mind it is hard to quit smoking.

I've heard stories of patients was told by their doctor the only way for them to survive from a lung's diseases is to stop smoking. But they never follow the doctor's advice. Still they smoke.

My wife's uncle was advised to stop smoking. His blood pressure from time to time shots up. One of the causes is frequent smoking. After one, two and three times stroke experiences, still he cannot stop smoking.
It seems that smoking has power over a person that smokes.

When the need of quitting smoking came, I found simple steps that helped me quit smoking.
I wasn't sick. I do not have decease nor infirmities. But a life style has to be changed.
I hope this simple steps will give the idea how I was able to quit smoking.

First, I listed down the reasons why I need to quit smoking. I should have reasons why I have to quit smoking. One of these reason is I want to experience freedom from frequent zero cent in my pockets. What happen if you want to smoke then you only have few cents? You buy then you have nothing. Sometimes it will lead you to ask from your friends especially you do not have a job.

Another is I do not want to be like other parents that prioritize smoking to the point of neglecting the need of their children. I realized that parents who has vices are greedy parents to their children. For example, I used to hear a stories that when a child ask the father for cookies and the father will say I do not have money. Sometimes parents are getting upset if their children ask for snacks. But what happen when a peer or friends will ask them for cigarette? Wow! they would gladly offer them without thinking anything.

I have many reasons to tell but I thought my reasons could not be your reasons. I know you have many reasons why you need to quit smoking. Perhaps you might be thinking that you have many reason not to quit smoking. LOL!

Thought I have that reasons to quit smoking, but it seems I cannot make it though I kept trying. This led me to think that I do not have the power over my vices.

So the second thing I did was to Acknowledge that I do not have the power to quit smoking.

I acknowledged that I do not have the power to quit smoking. I remember what my cousin said to me "You would be a great man if you can quit smoking." I believe that he said it in view of human nature. Human nature is powerless. In other words we human do not have the power to control what is natural. In our country it seems that every year we are experiencing storm ""Baguio" or storm surge. What the weather forecasts is the coming of the storm but they cannot prevail it from hitting the ground. I believe my flesh is only a part of human nature. So smoking only satisfies my flesh. If I did not quit smoking, this will become part of flesh.

Now you might ask, who is then has the power over my flesh? For me this is a very good question especially if somebody would acknowledge that he does not have the power to quit smoking.

This is the third thing I did. I sought the One who created the whole universe. One time I was sharing to a friend of mind about my struggles. I told him that I really wanted to quit smoking. So he told me that I really need to use the power of the One who created the universe and that is God. I became curious how he did it.

"How did you do it?" I asked.
"I was struggling then like you, but when I committed my life to God all these vices of mine were gone" He said.
"I did not do it my self alone," he continued. "I really prayed hard and Praise God he answered my prayers."
In my mind I was saying to my self I will really try hard to do it.

He explained to me that all authority has been given to Jesus Christ the Son of the living God. He said that in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I can have the forgiveness of my sins. In Jesus' name there is power and that power will enable you to completely quit smoking. I thankful for that friend of mind. May God continue to bless him for His glory.

From then on I was praying and praying asking until smoking is no longer my master. I made Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Until now I am enjoying the freedom. Free from any vices can destroy my body. I am married now and have one child who is now 8.

I wish that you learn something in my experience. If I was able to do it,. what is the reason why can't you.

Let me pray for you...

My Father who is the creator of heaven and earth, Please help this one who is reading my testimony to overcome any struggles in life. Please reveal your power to him. This I pray in Jesus Christ name, Amen.

Have a great day!